Insurance management

Insurance management

We design, develop and implement specialized software, oriented to management by exception and based on business intelligence, whether for sale or rent.

It is the ideal solution to manage the policies, coverage and claims that occur within an insured organization, an insurer or an insurance broker, with the proper handling of claims for claims that have occurred.

This product is designed for organizations that have large volumes of events and insured assets and because their nature, require a timely control of all stages of the claim and adjustment process, generating the necessary statistical information, to optimize the contracting of hedging, ensuring the good underwriting of your risks, as well as huge savings in the payment of premiums.

This product has great international recognition and has been compared with the applications mostly installed worldwide for risk management, showing considerable advantages, both in functional aspects and in technological aspects.

This tool has been used to manage policies of all types and of all sizes, including bonds, in different types of organizations. Among our main users we can mention ISSSTE (the Mexican Civil Service Social Security and Services Institute), an institute that has administered a large number of policies with our system for many years, and PEMEX (the Mexican state-owned petroleum company), a state company for which we also developed the Reinsurance and Retrocession module, which greatly simplifies the operation for those large policyholders who have their own captive insurers.

The solution was designed to run in the "cloud" and has many years of development and experience. It is based on business intelligence, which allows defining rules that allow the system to make decisions on its own, making the operation more expeditious and allowing administration by exception; that is, exclusively addressing those matters that go beyond the rule or that by their nature require special attention.

  • It allows having a precise control of all the policies and of all the events (claims and claims) that affect them, resulting in better administration and a noticeable reduction in operating times and adjustment of said events.
  • It integrates statistical reports in order to design prevention policies and thereby reduce and control the accident rate.
  • It allows reviewing, comparing and reconciling the information of the claims between the insured, the insurers and brokers, with the intention of better structuring the coverage and thus obtaining better conditions at more favorable prices, also avoiding the prescriptions due to lack of claim and calculation of interest due to non-payment of claims.

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