Technical support management

Technical support management

We design, develop and implement specialized software, oriented to management by exception and based on business intelligence, whether for sale or rent.

This is a system grants to automate the administration of customer support requests, to streamline service demands, regardless of the original source, whether by web, email, call center, face-to-face or under any service desk model. Generating under the concept of expert system, the knowledge base that allows providing technical support in an automated way.

This tool assigns and controls the folios by registering precise information, which includes the applicant's data, date and time of receipt of the request, entity or group to which it belongs, parametric classification, description of the requested service, level of importance and field for observations among others.

Then it channels the request in an orderly and standardized way and through previously defined business rules, it evaluates if the event can be solved automatically or if it requires the personalized attention of a support executive.

It allows the storage of all cases in the same point of contact and controls the life cycle of requests, providing reliable and timely information at all times that translates into key indicators for performance evaluation and decision-making aimed at optimizing the operation of organizations.

It has notification mechanisms for everyone involved in the event and leaves a log of everything that happened.

Make it easy to follow up and record all feedback from the customer.

Automatically classify requests by priority and by type of service.

Manages satisfaction surveys linked to the corresponding request and its resolution.

It concedes consultations of dynamic reports.

Generates knowledge base and identifies similarity between cases to function as an expert system.

It adapts to the needs of each organization with custom adjustments and parameterization.

It offers access from any type of device with internet access.

  • It allows administrating more service requests with fewer personnel.
  • It generates statistical information that allows analyzing the causes of greatest incidence.
  • Manages the knowledge base thus facilitating the consultation of frequently asked questions.
  • It shows the traceability between the reception, the channeling of the attention, the follow-up and the resolution of the incidents.
  • Provide clarity and agility to inquiries and focus events to have a centralized point of contact.
  • Reports information automatically and generates recommendations aimed at making better decisions and actions for continuous improvement.
  • Integration of the digital file of each case.

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