Property management

Property management

We design, develop and implement specialized software, oriented to management by exception and based on business intelligence, whether for sale or rent.

This system allows the correct administration of the real estate registry of fixed assets in the cloud, considering all the processes of registration, modification, cancellation and protection of real estate, in order to have the necessary information to carry out its proper maintenance and assurance.

It integrates a detailed digital file of each property, including plans, receipts, property documents, events, etc.

The modernization and systematization of the process for the administration of real estate is carried out through the development of guidelines and procedures for the inspection, assignment, provision and delivery of real estate; the integration of the files and the real estate registry. Facilitates equity accounting reconciliation, as well as their appraisal.

Like all our systems, they are integrated with a series of turnkey services, which guarantee its operation.

  • Analysis and reengineering of processes.
  • Design and preparation of administration and operation manuals.
  • Process modernization and systematization service.
  • Implementation of a cloud system to control real estate.

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