eLearning management

eLearning management

We design, develop and implement specialized software, oriented to management by exception and based on business intelligence, whether for sale or rent.

Distance Learning is carried on with an interactive application type LMS (Learning Management System), which helps you to control the educational processes of an organization, imparting content, supported by multimedia resources such as: videos, text, audio, tables, images, animations, simulations, etc. and has the flexibility to integrate files in any format.

This system is a very powerful tool to maintain control of the educational processes of any organization and is the best alternative to apply evaluations of any type, regardless of their complexity, in a simple way.

We are pioneers in Digital Distance Education. In 1998 we had the first version of our system and since then, we have had several success stories with the more than 3,000 digital courses that we have developed and applied since then.


    JIBDA offers integrated services that include:

  • Process analysis for comprehensive training projects.
  • The automation of the training process, through the implementation of our system.
  • Instructional design and development.
  • The design and development of digital content.
  • The design and application of evaluations.
  • The design and integration of management indicators, aimed at continuous training.

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