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We design, develop and implement specialized software, oriented to management by exception and based on business intelligence, whether for sale or rent.

Insurance management

It is the ideal solution to manage the policies, coverage and claims that occur within an insured organization, an insurer or an insurance broker, with the proper handling of claims for claims that have occurred.

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Technical support management

This is a system grants to automate the administration of customer support requests, to streamline service demands, regardless of the original source, whether by web, email, call center, face-to-face or under any service desk model. Generating under the concept of expert system, the knowledge base that allows providing technical support in an automated way.

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Assets management

This system simplifies the efforts in managing fixed assets. This solution allows organizations to simplify the efforts for the administration of their instrumental assets, aligning and harmonizing their processes with current regulations, supporting the tasks of physical inventory survey, reconciliation, asset identification, appraisal and accounting harmonization.

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Property management

This system allows the correct administration of the real estate registry of fixed assets in the cloud, considering all the processes of registration, modification, cancellation and protection of real estate, in order to have the necessary information to carry out its proper maintenance and assurance.

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Procedures and digital files management

Herramienta flexible y tremendamente parametrizable, que permite la administración de cualquier tipo de trámite o proceso, identificando en él, cuellos de botella, así como dando información estadística de los flujos de información y de sus resultados.

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Vehicle fleet management

It is a solution that allows you to manage vehicle fleets in the cloud, providing at all times detailed control of the status of each vehicle and of all the events that affect them: consumption, maintenance, insurance, tax payments, verifications and regulatory compliance, safeguards, etc., integrating with all this a digital file with all the information of the unit, accessible at all times.

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Warehouse management

It is a solution in the cloud that helps the correct administration of consumer goods, in order to have a strict control of their inputs, their storage, their transfers and their outputs. It has the ability to manage any type of warehouses and to control all interactions and events that occur between them, generating the necessary information to audit the use of resources, as well as statistics that measure efficiency and support plans and budgets.

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eLearning management

Distance Learning is carried on with an interactive application type LMS (Learning Management System), which helps you to control the educational processes of an organization, imparting content, supported by multimedia resources such as: videos, text, audio, tables, images, animations, simulations, etc. and has the flexibility to integrate files in any format. This system is a very powerful tool to maintain control of the educational processes of any organization and is the best alternative to apply evaluations of any type, regardless of their complexity, in a simple way. We are pioneers in Digital Distance Education. In 1998 we had the first version of our system and since then, we have had several success stories with the more than 3,000 digital courses that we have developed and applied since then.

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Bussiness Intelligence

This solution is a dashboard that helps you to control the execution of plans in the cloud through the management of indicators. It shows a real-time panorama of the performance of each of the command areas and their respective work teams, through the fulfillment of objectives, applying concepts of management by exception and business intelligence.

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Survey application

System for application and analysis of both face-to-face and remote surveys.

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