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We create an exceptional experience for our customers.

Our company is reliable

Our company is reliable. Our products are robust, secure and easy to use.

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We are creative and we strive for implementing innovative and functional ideas.

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Performance Orientation

We solve the most important problems to get the best result.


Turnkey services

We design, develop and implement specialized software, oriented to management by exception, based on Business Intelligence.

Cloud software

Jibda & Associates has ten cloud-based IT solutions that can be rented or leased. Our services include full administration of hardware and communications infrastructures. We have been providing these services since 2005 with PEMEX (the Mexican state-owned petroleum company) as our main customer for our Risk Management System.

Analysis and reengineering of processes

Our people are a multidisciplinary team of process experts. We have designed, redesigned and implement a large number of turnkey solutions for many companies and public institutions. We also help our customers to detect bottlenecks in their internal processes to improve their productivity.

Development and implementation of systems

With 20 years of experience, we have developed and implemented highest quality systems for mission critical processes and for any kind of public institutions and private organizations.
Throughout our history, we have created and perfected both generic and standard systems, as well as highly specialized applications to satisfy very particular needs.

Design and development of operating manuals

We have deep experience implementing processes and creating operation manuals. We have the knowledge to do so effectively. All manuals are prepared both by field experts and by a team of specialists in communication, language translation, design and regulations with more than twenty years of experience.

High-performance server design and integration

Jibda & Associates is heir to a rich knowledge in technological solutions. The founders of the company already had two decades working in the manufacture, integration and distribution of equipment from big hardware firms. We currently have a high-level team of engineers who give us the ability to design, configure and install practically any type of server (UNIX, Linux, or Windows).

Design and development of e-learning contents and evaluations

We are pioneers in the development of e-learning systems (LMS) and have created around three thousand e-learning courses. Through years, we have integrated a team of professionals with exceptional skills and knowledge in instructional design, didactic communication and content production. We have the capacity to design and implement any type of remote assessment model based on smart forms and proficiency tests.

Design and integration of Key Performance Indicator oriented to strategic plans

Through the use of our Business Intelligence system, we can integrate Key Performance Indicators in a simple and consistent way. Likewise, we can integrate various Key Performance Indicators within a strategic plan to align the operation and administration to the same objectives.

Specialized consulting for inventory administration

Through years we have developed a series of methodologies and application models for administrate inventory and property. These models are aligned with government and international regulations. Our expertise has served to important projects in the Mexican Public Administration, with customers such as ISSSTE (the Mexican Civil Service Social Security and Services Institute) or SEDENA (Mexican Secretariat of National Defense). Our methodology manages the complete cycle since the acquisition of assets to the final disposal of them. Inventory surveys, inspections, accounting harmonization, specialized appraisals and assurance can be managed by our IT solution.

Design and conduct of surveys in the cloud

Our polling system allows to apply any type of survey through electronic means, either through the web, by email or through social networks. The information obtained from the surveys can be analyzed within the polling system. Also, the information can be exported and analyzed using other tools.

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